is a clear, viscoelastic sterile solution of highly purified sodium hyaluronate diluted in physiological solution.

Guardabrida is used in all operations to prevent or reduce the risk of postoperative adhesions.

The mechanism of action of Guardabrida lies in its “barrier” properties. The gel acts as a temporary artificial barrier between damaged surfaces, ensuring their effective separation at the time of healing. Reducing the adhesion of surfaces of organs and tissues helps to preserve their mobility and prevents the formation of adhesions.

The gel is distributed in a thin uniform layer on the surface of the treated organs in the areas where there is a risk of postoperative adhesions.

The dosage and amount of gel administered depends on the application and is determined individually by the attending physician.

Available in volumes of 5ml 10mg / ml and 20ml. 10mg / ml, 1% sodium hyaluronate solution, which is a ready-to-use sterile syringe for single use with a special protective rubber cap and thread.

It is also available in volumes of 50 ml 5 mg / ml, 0.5% solution of sodium hyaluronate, in the form of a sterile infusion package.

Contraindications – not identified.

The product is sterile and pyrogen-free. Application is carried out by a doctor in strict aseptic conditions. The introduction of the drug should be carried out in conditions of strict sterility.

The shelf life of the product is 2 (two) years from the date of production.

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