The gel is distributed in a thin uniform layer on the surface of the treated organs in the areas where there is a risk of postoperative adhesions.

The dosage and amount of gel administered depends on the application and is determined individually by the attending physician.

Available in volumes of 5ml 10mg / ml and 20ml. 10mg / ml, 1% sodium hyaluronate solution, which is a ready-to-use sterile syringe for single use with a special protective rubber cap and thread.

It is also available in volumes of 50 ml 5 mg / ml, 0.5% solution of sodium hyaluronate, in the form of a sterile infusion package.

Contraindications – not identified.

The product is sterile and pyrogen-free. Application is carried out by a doctor in strict aseptic conditions. The introduction of the drug should be carried out in conditions of strict sterility.

The shelf life of the product is 2 (two) years from the date of production.

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